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About Karisma Electronic System (KES)
About Karisma Electronic System (KES)
About Karisma Electronic System (KES)

Our Solutions

Data Center

KES offers Tier-1 to Tier-4 Data Center consultation, design, build and management solutions for enterprise Data Center requirements with Green Initiative practices. KES offers Data Center consulting services include technology audits, needs analysis, maintenance practice review, cost of operation analysis, high-availability review, Data Center partner identification and selection, and Data Center consolidation and migration, with financial and operational goals in mind.  As energy saving becomes a priority, KES offers energy audits by looking into Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) to ensure that power devoted to the equipment running applications is maximized while power consumed by support functions like cooling and power distribution are minimized.  KES offers recommendations to setting up energy cost reduction programs.  KES design build and commission the Data Center with professional project management practices and the following core components according to technical and financial requirements:-

Solutions Summary

n Raised Access Flooring and False Ceiling

n Fiber Optic Backbone and Data Structured Cabling

n Electrical HT, LV and Earthing system

n Electrical Power Distribution system (PDU)

n Centralized Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

n Power equipment and Engineering works eg. Genset,  STS, Harmonic filter,

       Residual Current Monitoring system   

n Precision Air Condition, Water Chiller, Cooling Tower, In-row Cooling system

n High density Heat Containment system

n Clean Agent or Water Mist Fire Suppression system

n Very Early Smoke Alarm system

n Water Leak Detection system

n Surveillance CCTV

n Access control system with Biometric security

n Network Operations Center and Central Monitoring system

n Renovation Works


  KES Data Center design solutions are tailored to customers' specific needs and designed to significantly reduce customers' energy costs and footprint while improving their server room power, cooling, and space capacity. Customers gain these benefits without sacrificing reliability. KES engineers take time to understand customers' needs and design solutions to support higher density footprints, eliminate over provisioning, and reduce upfront capital expenditures by providing precise power, cooling, and monitoring based on customers' specific infrastructure needs. . KES Data Center designs offer customers the ability to build as they grow with scalable, integrated components.


Data Center Solutions adopts ranking system from Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers (TIA-942). The overall tier ranking of a data center is indicated by the lowest rank scored in any of the categories. However, a data center can be briefly ranked using the criterion below:

Tier 1
n Susceptible to disruptions from both planned and unplanned activity.
n May or may not have a raised floor, UPS or backup generator.
n If UPS/generator present, they are single-module systems and have many points of failure.
n Must be shut down annually to perform preventative maintenance and repair work.
n Operation errors/spontaneous failures of site infrastructure components will cause service disruptions.

Tier 2

n Redundant components present.

n Slightly less susceptible from planned/unplanned activity.

n Raised floor, UPS and generator.

n Capacity design is Need-Plus-One (N+1) which has a single-threaded distribution path throughout.

n Maintenance of critical power path will require a shutdown.


Tier 3

n Allows for any planned activities without disrupting operation.

       - Preventative/programmable maintenance.

       - Repair/replacement of components.

       - Additional/removal of capacity components.

       - Testing of components and systems.

n If chilled water is used, two independent set of pipes required.

n Sufficient capacity for full-load in one path while the other is being maintained.

n Often designed to be upgraded to Tier 4 once the business case justifies the cost of additional




Tier 4

n Any planned activity will not disrupt operations.

n Able to sustain one worst-case unplanned failure.

n Require simultaneously active distribution paths, typically in a System + System configuration.

n 2 separate UPS, each with N + 1 redundancy.

n Downtime mainly due to fire alarms/human initiating an Emergency Power Off.

n All computer hardware required to have dual-power input

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