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About Karisma Electronic System (KES)
About Karisma Electronic System (KES)
About Karisma Electronic System (KES)

Our Solutions


KES offers high performance workstations and integrated Advanced Visualization Solution including Digital Signage Wall, Command & Control Multiple Display Wall and immersive, 3D stereoscopic Virtual Reality (VR) environment.

KES is the value-added reseller of Sgi, Dell, HP and Supermicro Workstations to offers full-featured, high-performance professional Workstations for high-end Scientific, Engineering, Technical (SET) and Business graphics solution that delivers outstanding support for visualization, 3D animation, modeling, and motion media software applications.   


A very wide range of models from entry, medium to high end is available:

n Architectures: Intel, AMD, NVidia CUDA, ATI, Multi-core & Large memory

n    Rack sizes: 4U.

n Power Supplies: Single, Redundant, etc.

n PCI slots: PCI, PCI-X, PCI-E, etc.

n PCI cards: Ethernet, Fibre Channel, RAID, 10Gb, etc.

n Disks: SATA, SAS etc.


 KES listens and evaluates the customer’s needs and goals to solve specific application challenges by providing state-of-the-art, innovative and integrated advanced visualization solutions that can display images in any size, resolution or shape, front or rear projected, on spherical, cylindrical, conic or flat screens and from small-scale screens to large-scale, domed configurations for Digital Signage Wall, Command & Control Multiple Display Wall or Immersive, 3D stereoscopic Virtual Reality (VR) environment. With the comprehensive range of advanced visualization technologies - high performance image generator, front or rear curved-screen, multi-channels flat screen or CAVE 3D projection & display systems, interactive haptic I/O and tracking devices, translational software and tools etc), KES combines its multi-discipline engineering capabilities (ICT, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics etc), integration know-how and vast experiences to offer  the turnkey and custom solutions for customers for various applications. Advanced visualization enables the customers to immerse them in and interact with their data for enhanced understanding, increased team collaboration and reduced risk and costs. Our continuing mission is to make advanced visualization display solutions more affordable and easier to use.


KES integrated Advanced Visualization solutions provide high-performance, multi-functions computer modeling & 3D visual display for the following applications:

n Virtual Prototyping

n Architecture, Engineering and Construction

n Molecular Modeling for Life Sciences & Biochemistry

n Medical Education & Training

n Scientific Research

n Oil & Gas Exploration

n Analysis and Decision Centers

n Command and Control Centers in Homeland Security and Defense

n Museums & Entertainments


KES understands each project is unique, and has developed a proven approach that puts our customers at the center of the process. KES offers a solid technological foundation focused on customer needs from Solution Design, Development, Deploy, Deliver to Maintenance Support Service (4DS) throughout its unique and comprehensive Advanced Visualization Solution Development Life Cycle methodology (AVSDLC).


Design stage: Assessment, Analysis & Design  

KES has a dedicated local engineering team who is working with its global partners’ (Christie & NVidia) advanced visualization solution specialists to uncover customers’ requirements and goals and help them to work out customized solutions, analyzing all parameters of the application including technological, architectural, environmental and ergonomic factors. KES Advanced Visualization solution team will produce a conceptual engineering design which covering the entire customer’s requirements including the core technical components such as image generator, display screen, projection system, interactive I/O devices and software as well as the supporting equipment such as audio-visual switching, cabling and the automation and control system for the display. By coordinating with third party specialists, complete turnkey solutions can be worked out.


Development & Deploy stage:  On Site Installation & Integration

KES appoints a dedicated project manager collaborates with the customer to oversee the entire project development progress. The project manager coordinates the installation site assessment & facility impact analysis, physical site design and construction, equipment procurement, factory testing, shipping, integration and installation to ensure the process runs smoothly and the project gets completed on time and within budget. Specialized engineers in the application field are supported with dedicated alignment tools and software to carry out the implementation and fine tuning in a minimum of time with highest accuracy.


Deliver stage: Acceptance Testing, Commissioning & Training  

Upon the completion of system installation, thorough functional acceptance and end user acceptance test (FAT & UAT) will be conducted to assure the final advanced visualization system is delivered according to the given requirements and expectations. Then the system will be commissioned and handovered to the customer with proper documentation. The customer’s staffs who are operating the system receive a comprehensive training that enables them to use the system at is full potential. KES offers a choice from simple to extensive training programs.


Support stage: Warranty, Onsite Technical Support & Preventive Maintenance Services

KES warrants that the supplied advanced visualization system shall during the system Warranty Period be free from defects in material, and workmanship. KES local system support engineers assist the customers to troubleshoot onsite and restore the supplied system back to a working and optimized condition when the system breakdown after post installation. KES system support engineers offer preventive maintenance to maintain and adjust the supplied systems to keep it running at satisfactory operating condition and optimal performance with periodic systematic inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects. Different levels of service can be covered with dedicated Maintenance Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Simulation Solutions

Learning ‘on the job’ isn’t a viable option for pilots, air traffic controllers, naval captains, train engineers or construction equipment operators. Simulation allows the opportunity to repeatedly perform a task or rehearse a scenario that you can’t safely, normally perform in the real world. It may be cost-prohibitively or simply too dangerous to allow trainees to use the real equipment in the real world. Simulation and training allows the opportunity to permit mistakes during training for a safety-critical system. Simulators use any combination of sound, sight, motion and smell to make you feel that you are experiencing an actual situation - they must recreate "reality" accurately, otherwise you may not learn the right way to do a task which can result in negative training. KES is working with world-class simulation solution providers to deliver the most advanced, functional, and intuitive simulation display solutions for homeland security & defense, aerospace & transportation market.

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