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About Karisma Electronic System (KES)
About Karisma Electronic System (KES)
About Karisma Electronic System (KES)

Our Solutions


KES offers a comprehensive range of open & industry standard server products that provide ultra-high density, energy efficient, simple management, and configuration flexibility. KES is the authorized distributor of SGI servers and value-added reseller for Dell, IBM, HP and Supermicro servers. Other brands are available upon request.

A very wide range of models from entry, medium to high end is available:

n Architectures: Intel, AMD, IBM Power with Scale-Out or Scale-Up options etc.

n Accelerators: Cell, NVidia Tesla GPUs or AMD FireStream™ GPUs

n Rack sizes: 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, Twin, Half-Depth, Blade, Tray etc.

n Power Supplies & Cooling: Single, Redundant, etc.

n    I/O architecture: PCI, PCI-X, PCI-E, etc.

n Connectivity: Ethernet, Fibre Channel, RAID, InfiniBand, 10Gb, etc.

n Disks: SATA, SAS, FCAL, etc.


KES has teamed up with the leading server providers to offer the latest generation of enterprise-level, highly integrated rack optimized, blade and tray-based server solutions for high density and energy efficient applications. The servers support from single to multiple sockets processors with reliable and scalable registered memory, high expandable I/O architecture, high speed connectivity, redundant power and cooling, optimum flexibility and scalability in data storage (support multiple 2.5"/3.5" SATA or SAS hard disk drives), security and advanced system management features.


Twin Servers

Twin servers have two complete and independent servers in one 1U chassis. Each server can have a single- or dual-socket motherboard. The servers usually only share the chassis and the power supply. The big advantages of twin servers are the space saving (half the space of a regular 1U server), and the low power consumption. The power consumption is lower than regular 1U servers because two servers share the same power supply, which is more efficient. Twin servers are available with Intel and AMD CPUs and can contain InfiniBand on the motherboard.

Half-Depth Servers

Half-depth servers are very small 1U servers with a regular 19" width, but a short depth. The short depth allows the servers to be placed in a short-depth 19" rack, or depending on the design, in a back-to-back arrangement. Half-depth servers are available with Intel and AMD CPUs.


Blade Servers

Blade servers consist of a large chassis with multiple small blades placed vertically in the chassis. The blades usually share one or more redundant power supplies and fans. Often the chassis also contains Ethernet switches or Ethernet pass-through modules and IPMI compatible management modules. Blades are available with Intel and AMD CPUs. InfiniBand and Myri-10G solutions can be integrated in most blade solutions.

  Tray Servers

Tray servers have two or more complete and independent microservers which placed side-by-side in a 1U cookie sheet tray. Bu using low cost, low power processors, the servers are optimised for cost effective scalling and space saving.  Tray servers are available with Intel Atom and AMD Athlon CPUs.

  Sgi® Server Series
- Altix® UV1000/100/10, Altix® 4700, Altix® 450, Altix® ICE, Cloudrack® C2, Cloudrack® X2,
- RackableTM Rackmount Standard Depth, Half Depth, Four Way
- Origin® 400
  DellTM Server Series
- PowerEdge® R-Series Rack,
- PowerEdge® C-Series Microserver (Up to 12 microservers in 3U)
- PowerEdge® Blade
  HP® Server Series
- ProLiant® DL 100/300/500/900, ML 100/300, SL 6000/6500, Microserver
- ProLiant® Blade BL 200c/400c/600c
- Integrity® Superdome 2 (8-32 quad core sockets)
- Integrity® Rack rx2800 i2/rx2660/rx3600/rx6600
- Integrity® Blade BL 860c i2/870c i2/890c i2
- Integrity® Non-stop NS2200 i2/2000/16200/14200/1200
- Integrity® Non-stop Blade NB54000c i2/50000c
  IBM® Server Series
- x Series (AMD & Intel)
  Rack x32xx/33xx/35xx/36xx/37xx/38xx
  BladeCenter S/H/E/HT
- i Series (Power)
- p Series (Power)
- z series (Mainframe)
  Supermicro® Server Series
- SuperServer® Rackmount 1U/2U/3U/4U/5U
- SuperBlade®
- Twin Solutions 2U Twin3 / 2U Twin2/ 2U Twin /1U Twin
- MicroCloud (8 Modular UP Server Nodes in 3U)
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