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About Karisma Electronic System (KES)
About Karisma Electronic System (KES)
About Karisma Electronic System (KES)

Our Services

Specialized Engineering Services


  Specialized engineering services are the professional services that acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, practical technical knowledge and sometime combine multiple disciplines, in order to design and build the structures, systems and processes that safely realize a working environment.

KES provides specialized engineering services include civil, structural, mechanical, electrical & electronics, telecommunications engineering etc. to complement the Information Communication Technologies as a complete solution to meet clients’ specific business requirements. These services are needed  to create an optimum environment to operate specific ICT resources such as Outdoor Access Point & Satellite Dish,  High End Visualization environment - Immerse Virtual Reality Center, Server Room and Data Center etc, which may involve the following components:


n Outdoor Access Point and Satellite Dishes

n Large Display Screen Frame & Projection Systems Mounting

n Raised Access Flooring and False Ceiling

n Fiber Optic Backbone and Data Structured Cabling

n Electrical HT, LV and Earthing system

n Electrical Power Distribution system (PDU)

n Centralized Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

n Power equipment and Engineering works eg. Genset,  STS, Harmonic filter,

       Residual Current Monitoring system   

n Precision Air Condition, Water Chiller, Cooling Tower, In-row Cooling system

n High density Heat Containment system

n Clean Agent or Water Mist Fire Suppression system

n Very Early Smoke Alarm system

n Water Leak Detection system

n Surveillance CCTV

n Access control system with Biometric security

n Network Operations Center and Central Monitoring system

n Renovation & Construction Works

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