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About Karisma Electronic System (KES)
About Karisma Electronic System (KES)
About Karisma Electronic System (KES)

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Business Process Outsourcing Services


KES provides Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with the world-class processes, technology and best practices our clients need to propel their organization forward. Business Process Outsourcing services make our clients’ business more efficient and more effective. Our team of industry and technology experts stands with our client team adding our innovation, depth and experience to their organization. That lets our clients apply their expertise to the products and services that allow them to surpass their competition.


Successful Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) arrangements start with ensuring a proper cost baseline.  First, KES gains an understanding of the goals and critical success factors of the BPO initiative. Next, it is essential to audit current IT costs to determine if there are opportunities to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.  This critical step retains the savings identified in the audit with the customer rather than the eventual vendor. 


Building on the foundational understanding described above, KES team will commence an evaluation of BPO alternatives (i.e. Cloud, Managed Services for Infrastructure – Servers, Storage, Network, Security, Backup, Data Center etc, End User Help Desk Support Services, Hosting, Traditional Outsourcing, Application Development, and Application Maintenance), with recommendations including initial economic and operational benefits projections.


Once a BPO approach is selected, KES can manage and/or agnostically assist in the vendor selection process. The Request For Proposal (RFP) is prepared in conjunction with the client detailing the Outsourcing and business requirements. KES can then recommend, agnostically, a list of qualified providers and can deliver the RFP to them.     When the proposals are returned, KES will score each response and obtain additional information to facilitate decision-making and provide the client with a detailed Business Case.


Upon selection of the vendor, KES can help negotiate the contract to ensure that all the requirements are addressed. KES spends special attention on identifying “vendor traps” and client misconceptions that may limit flexibility and add risk.  KES can shepherd the entire process, guiding it from agreement execution through transition and finally through a vital periodic “health check” governance process that must be in place to achieve the expected value of the BPO relationship.  


    There are many detailed tasks involved with all of the steps required to achieve and sustain a successful BPO arrangement and KES is uniquely qualified to assist. KES has the experience to help firms understand and manage the complexities of outsourcing including Return on Investment (ROI) calculations, Statement of Works Development, Service Level Specifications, Fee Structures and Penalties, Governance Processes, Change Management, Contract Development, etc. KES professionals can manage the decision process from idea to implementation or we can join the process at any point to validate work already done, assist with any issues and drive the process to completion
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